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GTA(china town cheat)

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Up,Down,Left,Right,B,Y,R,L      Hurricane
Up,Down,Left,Right,A,X,R,L     lots of rain
Up,Down,Left,Right,A,B,L,R     sunny
Up,Down,Left,Right,Y,A,L,R     rain
Up,Down,Left,Right,X,Y,L,R     cloud
R,Up,B,Down,Left,R,B,Right     weapons 1 (grenade, nightstick, pistol,  minigun, assault, micro smg, stubby shotgun)
R,Up,A,Down,Left,R,A,Right     weapons 2 (molotov, teaser, dual pistols, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel)
R,Up,Y,Down,Left,R,Y,Right     weapons 3 (mine, chainsaw, revolver, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel)
R,Up,X,Down,Left,R,X,Right     weapons 4 (flashbang, bat, pistol, rpg,     carbine, micro smg, stubby shotgun)
L,L,R,A,A,B,B,R         health
L,L,R,Y,Y,X,X,R         wanted level up
R,X,X,Y,Y,R,L,L         wanted level down
L, L, R, B, B, A, A, R     Armor
L, R, X, Y, A, B, Up, Down     Explosive Pistol Round

Golden Binoculars            Discovering 40 drug dealers
Silver Safe                       Make a $2000 profit
Platinum Syringe              Purchase Heroin
Wooden Spoon               Achieve a loss of $500
Diamond Pillbox               Unlock By Selling hallucinogens
Jeweled Bong                  Unlock By Selling Depressants
Jeweled Key to the City     Own all 21 safe houses in the city
Titanium Briefcase         Find all 80 dealers.

Increased body armor strength      Complete all 5 waves of vigilante missions with 100% kill rate
Infinite Sprint             Complete 5 Paramedic Missions
Immunity to Fire             Get a Gold in the Fire truck Minigame
Gold medal             Attain a score of 10000 or more for a weapon.
Upgraded delivery bag         Beat both mail courier missions (to gold ranking)
Regenerating health         Beat both noodle delivery missions (to gold ranking)
Discount on the Ammu-nation store     Score gold medals on all weapons at the Gun-Club

Hearse          Complete the mission "Wheelman"
NRG 900         Complete the mission "Wheelman"
Patriot         Complete the mission "Wheelman"
Limo         Complete all of Guy's missions
Bulldozer         Complete the mission "Conterfeit Gangster"
Cognoscetti     Complete the mission "Grave Situation"
Sabre GT     Complete the mission "Operation Northwood"
Coquette         Complete the mission "Raw Deal"
Banshee         Complete the mission "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Hellenbach     Complete the mission "Bomb Disposal"
Comet         Complete the mission "Jackin Chan"
Infernus         Complete the mission "Cash & Burn"
Resolution X     Complete the mission "Pimp His Ride"
MK GT9         Get a bronze medal in all Broker and Dukes races
500 XLR8     Get a bronze medal in all Algonquin races
Style SR         Get a bronze medal in all Bohan races
Cityscape     Get a bronze medal in all time trials
Go-Kart         Get a bronze medal in all Go-Kart time trials
Formula R     Get a bronze medal in all street races
Rhino         Complete all story missions

Deadly Xin      Collect 8 trophies, and 2 lions of Fo. Then Sync your stats with Rock Star
Xin's of the Father     Complete the Mission Deadly Xin and have no wanted stars level.

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