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He told reporters

The day before yesterday evening 11 when much, the reporter received a newspaper man Mr. blue telephone,michael kors outlet, said the Guangzhou Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system construction site has hundreds of people are stuck in the door, don't let the dump truck.
The reporter then rushed to the scene to see, a lot of arbor uncle is standing in the doorway of the site, a dump truck was parked outside the crowd, not in luck mud.According to one of the residents reflected, they worry about the site excavation, will seriously affect the safety of nearby community foundation.
Site: unable to start according to site a responsible person, here is the Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system Chigang station site, is also the final stage of the vehicle location, the night before the seven twenty to dig,moncler, removed five car dirt, until 10 at night when the Zuo Youzheng ready for second excavation time, these residents came to stop, “ we also can not start,.
” residents: discuss to stop reporters yesterday afternoon 5 when once again came to the site, before digging out of the dirt still bunch of HISTEP high, not away, the construction side worried again caused by nearby residents to remonstrate.
The reporter saw, nearby residents also is in a meeting, discuss how to prevent the evening &#8220,michael kors; ” again the excavation site.The subway is convenient to nearby residents travel, why not let residents to start the strange phenomenon,air jordan?An interview with reporters yesterday, the representatives of both parties.
Subway Metro PK residents: have been repeatedly revised scheme according to the Guangzhou Metro Corporation construction headquarters Party committee assistant deputy secretary Feng Guoguan introduction,, the Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system surrounding the original three area, begin from 2004, because the surrounding construction need all taken away, but still has 287 households for demolition and relocation compensation has not moved.
They are in the Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system site will affect these residential security grounds, to the subway here in the excavation of foundation pit,hollister france.According to the site responsible person said, in fact the system depot as a final section construction, has repeatedly because the nearby residential relocation to wait for a problem hard to repeatedly modify the plan,abercrombie france.
He told reporters, pit is not very deep, 17 meters only, and were generally stronger than the foundation reinforcement treatment of the special, not only the underground continuous wall extends into the rock 3.
5 meters, and the thickness of the wall than the average to 20 cm thick, in addition the pit all use of concrete structure.“ technical safety performance is a Kung Fu, we have offered to help them on housing security monitoring,, are one one shut out.
” he said that the Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system is the Asian Games to the opening of the line.Nearby residents and why to stop the system's normal construction?Residents: just want to solve the problem the reporter saw, and the Pearl River Metro Passenger automatic conveying system are recent cell orchard building next to the road has appeared obvious sinking, cement floor broken up, and the area of the garage also had to stop using, the black water has flooded into the garage door.
A resident reporter brought to the area of the water room to see, water pool has been a serious move, &#8220,abercrombie; we are most worried about is the water room,air jordan pas cher, once burst, the whole area of the building is very dangerous.
&#8221,abercrombie; however, the district's residents also said, housing the security problem is not really being started in the Pearl River Metro automatic passenger transportation system leads to the “ but again, excavation, we fear that they will affect already exist so many dangerous building safety.
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