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restaurant city 交換食村訣竅(中英對照)

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1) 可以先點擊對方牆上的菜單板,觀察對方正在升級的主要料理,比較容易交換成功。
. K) I1 l* K5 I' l$ U1) You can click the recipe on your friends' wall, checking which dish had been upgraded.
( }- l/ {0 ~4 b' F  x     It makes you easily to exchange ingredients with your friends.
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) U* ?' v8 s8 S! _, h; y2 |% \9 ~2) 交換的時候應避免拿對方蒐集到的食材,如果提供他缺少的可以增加成功機率。+ c$ t- f' y, c) H: O
2) If you offer what someone is short of will be easy when exchange.; X# e- J2 M/ Q5 A' o0 }
7 \9 S6 ?0 K6 f% k3 u6 h$ x8 ?
3) 不以需求低的食材交換需求高的食材,是基本禮儀。( f& Q% G" D4 ^& L
3) Don't trade the lower demand for the higher ones.+ _/ K5 z6 {. h5 J2 t$ d" d# W* N
/ l7 Q! V5 O! U- k! n7 j9 I
4) 利用在販賣高價值食材或便宜食材的日子大量購入食材,增加交換的籌碼,方便日後與他人交換。
$ s  J0 V+ r. }8 D3 _4) Spend a little of money to purchase lot of high value ingredents when promotion. ! S  W! Q: {( Y' q
     In order to exchange the ingredients which you want.




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